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IPv6 MD5 and Apple BGP (posted 2004-04-21)

The referrer log for this site can be interesting reading at times. It seems several people have landed here when looking for information for the BGP TCP MD5 option and IPv6. Despite the fact that RFC 2385 doesn't mention IPv6, it's possible to have an MD5 password on IPv6 BGP sessions. At least, it is in recent IOS versions. I have a very old one that allows this to configured but it doesn't compute the checksum correctly. I assume this is particular to this specific version (from 1999), though.

Someone else seemed interested in BGP and Apple. Good news: under Panther, Zebra 0.94 compiles without trouble, so it's possible to run BGP on a Mac. Juguar/Zebra 0.93b didn't work for me.