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NetworkWorldFusion on fortifying BGP and IPv6 being cheap and easy (posted 2003-12-15)

I ran into two interesting articles at NetworkWorldFusion:

A while ago, they ran an article about BGP and BGP security under the title Fortifying BGP: No quick fix. The article doesn't go into much depth, but it has some interesting quotes. Fred Baker from Cisco says S-BGP is dead in the water, while S-BGP proponent Steve Kent at BBN speaks harsh words about Cisco's soBGP, indicating there are options in soBGP that are disastrous from a security standpoint and architectural problems. (The exact nature of the problems remains unclear, though.)

BGP Security at

The other article, IPv6 fears seen unfounded, reports that early adopters find the transition to IPv6 both cheaper and easier to do than expected. Since the protocol has been in development for so long (8 to 10 years, depending on the IPv6 epoch of choice), most hardware and software vendors have now implemented the protocol so it's available (at no additional cost) now that people start adopting IPv6. Turning on the protocol turned out to be a fairly simple affair as well for the people quoted in the article.