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BGP and IPv6 routing training courses on 6 and 7 October (posted 2014-07-16)

I've been teaching BGP training courses for more than ten years now. Shortly after my BGP book came out, I teamed up with NL-ix, the operators of the neutral internet exchange, to teach the people connecting to NL-ix (and anyone else interested) about BGP. What makes our training course unique is that we don't just cover the theory, but also have people configure BGP on a Cisco router, where they have to set up peerings toward the other participants.

When we added an IPv6 training course, the content was based on my IPv6 book, which didn't really lend itself to the same approach because it covers a much wider range of topics: enabling IPv6 on various operating systems, routing, tunnels, DNS, applications, security. I was never really happy doing just theory with no hands-on part. So I decided to focus more on routing with the IPv6 training course, and include tunnel, OSPF, BGP and DHCPv6 assignments so the participants can get some hands-on experience with the new protocol. As always, there were a few surprises when participants were trying to do the assignments for the first time, but the new format was a success.

If you're interested in one of these training courses (or both), the next dates are October 6 for the BGP course and October 7 for the IPv6 routing course. The location is the NL-ix office in The Hague, and the language will be English unless all participants speak Dutch. (The next time after October the language will be Dutch.) See the NL-ix training course page for details and the sign up form.