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IPv6 on Linksys WRT54G (posted 2005-05-27)

EarthLink Research and Development has released experimental firmware for the Linksys WRT54G wireless residential gateway that supports IPv6. See the announcement.

This is good news because the residential gateway (forgive me for not saying "router", I know what a real router looks like and these things ain't it) is often the thing that makes it hard to get IPv6 connectivity. Obviously it's always possible to use a Cisco 82x SOHO ADSL router for this, but most home users find those too expensive. Because residential gateways invariably use network address translation (NAT), it's hard to set up an IPv6 tunnel through them. This is especially true for 6to4 automatic tunneling, which works completely automatically without NAT.

I'm not sure if Earthlink's firmware for the WRT54G supports tunnels, but it does support native IPv6 routing, and, apparently, DHCPv6 prefix delegation, and you can sign up for that as an experimental service on their network.

(Also see the WRT54G article on Wikipedia.)