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US government to adopt IPv6 by mid-2008? (posted 2005-07-04)

According to news reports, the US federal government is adopting IPv6 within the next three years.

However, the reactions are as expected. On the NANOG list, the 1990s efforts by the US federal government to get OSI networking off the ground (see GOSIP) were brought up to underscore the assumption that this effort would fail as well.

As always, the discussion on Slashdot quickly deteriorated to the level of "NAT is good enough" and "We don't need that many addresses anyway".

Makes you wonder what a modern Thomas Edison would do. Give up after the first try and stick with gas light, I expect. (Edison tried thousands of different materials as filaments in light bulbs before he found something that was reliable enough to be useful.)

To be fair, others on the NANOG list pointed out important differences between OSI/GOSIP and IPv6 that make this effort very different.